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Ryans Beggars Bush – A Brief History!

Beggars-Bush-1802There has been a pub at the site of the current Beggars Bush pub since 1803.

The adjacent barracks after which the pub is now named was built as a British Army barracks in 1827. This barracks was involved in some very important events in Irish history, and thus the pub is located in an area rich in history.

Ryans Beggars BushAmongst the things that happened ‘in our neighbourhood’ were:

  • One of the fiercest battles of 1916 was fought at the crossroads of Northumberland Road and Haddington Road, less than 50 yards away from the pub. Until the reconstruction of the pub in 1988, bullet holes from that battle could be seen in the side wall of the pub.
  • The Beggars Bush barracks was the first barracks to be handed by the British army over to Michael Collins and the new provisional Irish government in January 1922
  • Robert Erskine Childers was executed there in November 1922.

olden bushThe barracks was decommissioned from military use in the 1960’s. It has undergone much reconstruction and is now home to The Labour Relations Commission, The Geological Survey of Ireland and Irish Labour History Society Museum.

The pub itself was taken over by Thomas Ryan in 1913, and has been run by the Ryan family ever since.

It was acquired by the OPW in 1967 for a period but leased back to the Ryan family.  One of the many different projects mooted for the site over those years included the J.F. Kennedy Concert Hall. However, during all that time it continued to be run by the Ryan family as a pub.

'The Shack' Ryans Beggars BushThe pub came back into the Ryan family ownership in 1988. At that time the building had deteriorated down to a single storey bar and snug.

The building was restored and rebuilt in 1988 into the pub you see there today.

So, if you feel like enjoying a great pint, at the cheapest price in Dublin, and against the backdrop of some deep Dublin and Irish history, look no further than The Beggars Bush!

Ryans Beggars Bush 'In Black'Old photographs of the Beggars Bush barracks when it was occupied by the British army and other old historic photographs of the area are displayed on the walls of the pub.


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