Match Days

Ryans Beggars Bush Matchday
Ryans Beggars Bush – Your Aviva Match Day venue!

Ryans-Beggars-Bush-MatchdayHere at Ryans Beggars Bush we have the best outdoor facilities around for match days in the Aviva (Lansdowne Road) Stadium.

With a large covered front area, a Barbeque Grill, outside full Bar facilities and plenty of space at the side and rear of the building, not to mention extra toilet facilities and the three main interior bars, with plenty of staff to keep service moving along briskly, there is no better venue in the area before or after the match.

Ryans Beggars Bush MatchdayThe outdoor areas are well maintained with plenty of staff clearing and tidying as the crowd comes and goes, so it never gets messy and remains comfortable for all our patrons.

Our fully stocked external bar reduces the wait for the all important rounds and makes bar access inside and out easier for all. Large screen TV’s can be viewed both inside and outside the premises to watch the match or to soak up the atmosphere before or after the event.

Ryans-Beggars-Bush-MatchdayOur Barbeque is always busy on match days. Try one the the famous Beggars Bush Steak or Chicken Sandwiches, or Mikes Beggars Bush Burger to keep you going for the day ahead.

Ryans-Beggars-Bush-MatchdayWe have heated covering and plenty of external T.V. screens so you can keep up to speed with the days events, those crucial early matches, before you head into the stadium to watch the real thing live.

Prior to the start of the match, pre-recorded highlights of the previous matches are shown on all our many TV screens. If you don’t have a ticket or prefer to watch the match in comfort with similar atmosphere, the game will be shown on all screens and after the match we will re-play it again.

For our customers convenience, we bring in extra toilet facilities to the car park on matchdays.

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