Craft Beers

Ryan’s Beggars Bush – Craft Beers
Size -500ml Bottles – Price €5.70

Black’s IPA                    ABV: 5.0%
Pours a deep black colour, topped with a generous dark beige coloured head. Initially quite distinct fruity aroma, some citruses, later on caramel aroma develops, also slight roasty notes. Taste starts sweet (slightly), roasty quality to it, finishing with a mild bitterness and some coffee notes in the aftertaste.

Black’s KPA               ABV: 5.0%
A exciting blend of Cascade and Citra hops provides a beer with brilliant tropical and citrus flavours that are beautifully balanced with sweet malt.

Bru Lager                   ABV: 4.25%
Brú Lager is a Czech style lager with a new world hop addition. It is crisp, full bodied, full of flavour and brewed using Irish malts. Brú Lager is inspired by the legend of Fionn Mac Cumhaill, the golden haired leader of the Fianna Warriors from the ancient books of Irish mythology.

Bru Rua                     ABV: 4.2%
The backbone of Brú Rua is a conventional caramel and red berry but overlaid with new world hops providing juicy tangerine top flavours.

Foxes Rock Red Ale     ABV: 4.25%     
A dark red ale with subtle biscuit and caramel flavours from the specialty malts balanced by a light bitterness and spicy flavour from the selected hops.

Foxes Rock IPA          ABV: 4.5%        
Slightly opalescent golden colour, medium sized creamy yellowish head, aroma of floral honey notes, some fruitiness, toast, hints of earth and hay; taste of toast, hints of honey, minimal fruitiness, and bread; surprisingly bitter aftertaste; intensive carbonation; correct ale.

Fulcrum                    ABV: 4.25%
Pours a clear golden body with light white lacing. Aroma is super fresh yeast and soft grass. Mouthfeel is medium and bright with notes of fresh yeast, spice, lots of clove and banana.

Guinness Dublin Porter        ABV: 3.8%
A sweet and smooth porter with malt and caramel notes. Palate: Smooth easy finish with a sweet mouth feel. Appearance: Ruby red, although less intense than stout with a frothy head driven by the carbonation.

Guinness West Indies   ABV: 6%
A deep rich and characterful porter with hints of toffee and chocolate.
Palate: Smooth easy finish with a medium sweet mouth feel. Appearance: Ruby red with a frothy head driven by the carbonation.

Kenmare Irish Lager (Gluten Free) ABV: 4.25%
Brewed with Irish malt and traditional hops, Kenmare lager is crisp and refreshing with a floral and citrus nose.

MacIvor’s Traditional Dry Cider     ABV: 5.6%        
Mac Ivor’s traditional dry cider pours deep gold with light carbonation. Rich complex cider apple flavours give this full bodied cider a long dry finish

MacIvor’s Medium Cider       ABV: 4.5%                        
Mac Ivor’s medium cider pours pale gold with a lively carbonation. Sweet red apple flavours give this fresh and fruity cider a clean, crisp finish.

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